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He’s laid back and methodical. She’s freewheeling and intuitive. Clay Garrison and Andi Delvento are discarded rookie cops craving a second chance at becoming detectives. All they lack is experience. Andi endured workplace harassment. Clay tangled with political corruption and lost. Broke but not broken, they reluctantly team up with billionaire Gideon Pike as private eyes for a shot at cold cases among the ultra-rich and powerful.

Storm of Silence

Missing infants, an unsolved murder, a vast fortune. And a ticking clock. A baffling cold case confronts two young detectives recruited by a mysterious benefactor, with control of a corporate empire at stake. They must unravel a tangle of family secrets and hush money to find the truth... and justice. New series. 309 pages, 6x9 inches, softcover/ebook. Shop Amazon, $14.95/$2.99

He’s a southern rascal. She’s a classy New Englander. Tommy Kane craves adventure. Mandy Owens seeks justice. Together, they’ve got a ton of money and a team of trouble-shooting misfits. They lie, they cheat, they steal — and ultimately they ensure justice is served. Glamor, romance and action: the couple you’d love to know if you’re the little guy fighting the powerful.

Stray Cats

Three discarded spies form an uneasy alliance for a multi-million-dollar caper — only to discover it’s an elaborate trap. Black-flagged agent Tommy Kane leads a band of old-school misfits against sophisticated technology. At stake: a shocking conspiracy in the intelligence community, an old unsolved mystery and vast illicit fortune. First in the Kane-Owens series. 332 pages, 6x9 inches, softcover/ebook. Shop Amazon, $14.95/$2.99

Nine Lives

After the bizarre murder of a conspiracy buff, witness Mandy Owens is snared in an international banking conspiracy gone deadly. Rescued by Tommy Kane, the reunited globe-trotting couple unravel a case that could destroy the world’s financial markets. Second in the Kane-Owens series. 296 pages, 6x9 inches, softcover/ebook. Shop Amazon, $14.95/$2.99

Go Phish

Troubleshooters Tommy Kane and Mandy Owens rescue a mysterious wife and mother fleeing a powerful spouse. The good deed spins wildly out of control and plunges the couple into the murky world of cybercrime and espionage to confront old Russian grudges and the legacy of a nuclear disaster. Third in the Kane-Owens series. 299 pages, 6x9 inches, softcover/ebook. Shop Amazon, $14.95/$2.99

Landscaping with native plants is both rewarding and environmentally responsible — but challenging without knowing the specific habitat in your back yard. Pennsylvania is a complex state in geography, geology and ecology. Frustrated with vague, generalized and scanty information found elsewhere, we set out to pull all the relevant data into comprehensive gardening guides.

Pennsylvania Naturally

For advanced gardeners and landscape professionals, a thorough discussion of soils, habitats and the all the native plants of Pennsylvania. How to easily identify specific habitat for any location in the state and match it with trees, shrubs and herbaceous species to ensure a successful and sustainable landscape. Habitat understanding also applies to choices of introduced plants and design to create elegant gardens. More than 100 illustrations. A best-selling landscaping book. Softcover, 8.5x11 inches, 394 pages. Shop Amazon, $24.95

Perennials: Habitat and Culture

A handy no-nonsense reference to about 1,000 popular and commercially available native species whose range includes Pennsylvania, with a general discussion about the state’s major ecoregions and soil evaluation. Not intended as field guide; focus is on soils and habitats for trees, shrubs and perennials, including ferns. Complete list of all perennial and annual species historically found statewide. 200 pages, 6x9 inches/ebook Shop Amazon, $14.95/$5.99

A Gardener's Guide to Native Plants

A Gardener’s Guide to Native Plants of Northeastern Pennsylvania is a comprehensive reference to about 1,000 perennial species and 135 habitats in the four northeastern counties of Pennsylvania — Monroe, Carbon, Pike and Wayne. Covers 100 kinds of regional soils and features detailed plant associations for eco-communities. Also included are 540 protected plant species in Pennsylvania and invasive species of local concern. 336 pages, softcover, 8x10 inches. Shop Amazon, $14.95